.NET based reverse proxy library for microservice architectures

When it comes to microservice architectures, multiple endpoints often have to be combined to reduce complexity for consuming clients. This is one of the main reasons for using reverse proxies and API gateways respectively. With the first preview of YARP a new technological possibility emerged. This article explains the key concepts and shows how to use the toolkit in your application.

What is YARP?

First of all, let’s explain the acronym. YARP stands for Yet Another Reverse Proxy. It’s the new implementation from Microsoft targeting the consolidation of multiple internal activities concerning reverse proxies. …

Secure end-to-end connections to IoT devices

Industry 4.0 leads to an increased number of decentralized applications and services along with used IoT devices. The possibility to access these devices for support and maintenance tasks is often an essential requirement. Azure IoT Hub service from Microsoft now offers a simple way of establishing such connections.

What are Azure IoT Hub Device Streams?

Microsoft Azure IoT Hub — Device Streams is a new PaaS service that enables direct access to IoT devices.

Access can even be established if these devices are located behind firewalls or in private networks. The core element is a new streaming endpoint, enabling the establishment of bidirectional TCP tunnels between the…


Practical guide to gRPC and how to use it in .NET and Python

Efficient communication is often one of the main drivers for modern software systems, even in a microservice driven world. gRPC can deal with these requirements. In this article, we will look at some basics of gRPC and implement a first client and server application using .NET. Besides, a Python-based client demonstrates how easy efficient communication between different services can be.

What is gRPC?

gRPC is a protocol to communicate between different endpoints of a distributed system. It uses HTTP/2 and protocol buffers (protobuf). Like any other RPC system, gRPC consists of a server that defines methods and responses a client can call. Clients…

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